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Hello Dr. Friedlander. Just a note here to comment on your collagen. I have had fantastic results with it, getting my knee back as well as my free-style swim stroke. My free-style stroke was so bad I could only do one or two laps. This has obtained for several years. I am now up to fifty laps consecutive free-style swimming while my other strokes are also stronger.. Apparently it has been a tendon problem with regard to my arms.. My massage therapist reports that my tendons are softer now.

My knee, probably meniscus, is holding up under lots of exercise.

I started out at 65 grams, and have come down over about 6 months to 15 grams a day.

I am 73 years old and otherwise in very good health.

I have introduced collagen to about 15 different folks, mostly older men, and they all report good to dramatic results....like myself.

Joe Webb
Woodside, CA

Tim Blake
Tim Blake

Thanks to Dr. Bernd Friedlander:

Dr. Friedlander’s Collagen has been a regular part of my nutritional program for a number of years. It has made a significant difference in my skin and muscle toning. It makes sense to me that since collagen is in every cell our bodies and depletes as we age, it is a vital ingredient in the elasticity and health of our cells. I am pretty active in working out and staying in the best shape that I can, taking part in past sprint triathlons to slalom water skiing to just swimming and biking. I consider it the most important supplement I take to stay as healthy and youthful as possible. Within a short time of originally taking the collagen, my skin began to fill out with fewer wrinkles. I also add Dr. Friedlander’s High-Performance Protein Formula and MCT Oil to the blender to balance out a morning drink with some finely ground flaxseed and almond milk. As my metabolism runs fast, it is great to have this through the morning so I have great nutrition without eating whatever fills me at the moment. Then in the evening, I have collagen before going to bed, adding it to some hot water and a small amount of raspberry flavored magnesium with potassium. It tastes like hot Jello, and the collagen dissolves quickly without putting in a blender. So, thanks to Dr. Friedlander’s products I have mentioned here, and doing what I can to stay in top shape, I am one of those working on 30 something forever. Born in 1950, I’m doing pretty well so far. Thanks, Dr. Friedlander, for the gift of good nutrition and health! I would not be where I am without your products and guidance.

Tim Blake

Dr. Lana Hutnick
Dr. Lana Hutnick

Although I have never written a testimonial for any nutritional products, I felt like I needed to do so in regards to Dr Bernd Friedlander's Collagen Peptide and High Performance Protein Formula. I personally take the Collagen morning and evening and the High Performance Protein Formula after exercising, I noticed fairly quickly that my nails and hair grew faster and were stronger. After being on the products longer, I noticed my muscles were stronger, my joints were more flexible and I was able to exercise without all the sprains and strains I would experience in the past, I recommend Dr Friedlander's products to all my patients and those that try the products experience noticeable health benefits. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I am very grateful to have such a high quality product available for my patients.

Dr Lana Hutnick D.C,
Natural Health Center
Milpitas, Ca.

I have been prescribing Dr. Friedlander’s Collagen for a number of years and am very pleased with its wide acceptance by my patients.

I have used it after musculoskeletal injuries, as well as post op healing.

Very good results are seen for the degenerative joint diseases, as well as back problems.

I recommend it to the elderly as an anti-aging supplement, and also for younger patients concerned with skin thickness and muscle atrophy.

Its taste is pleasant; it mixes readily in four ounces of water, and no one has reported any side effects.

I am very grateful to Dr. Friedlander for having given us such a product which I consider to be a wonderful addition to an anti-aging program.

Dr. Abram Ber, M.D.
McGill Medical School Graduate 1966

I have been using Dr. Bernd Friedlander's Collagen Peptide for a number of years as a big part of my effort to recover lost bone density. I am very pleased to report that my last bone density test revealed that I had gained density in both hips and my spine. In fact, my spine is now in the normal range! There is no question in my mind that Dr. Friedlander's Collagen Peptide played an instrumental role in this result. I highly recommend this product.

Ben Lomond, CA

I have been using the Collagen peptide powder formulation with amino acids for my patients and family for the past 5 years, and have had excellent results! The collagen has been helpful for joint mobility and repair, improving skin quality for my laser patients, and wound healing. My patients and family also love the High performance coconut powder because it helps so much with helping with weight loss, especially around the belly area. So, it's easy to drop pounds without even exercising, probably due to the MCT in the coconut. Again the amino acids in the formulation is a huge boost to the neuro-immune system! They are easy to use, able to be placed in juice or smoothies or green drinks, and produce great results!

Jan Iwata, D.O., Pharm.D., M.S.

Dr Friedlander,

I’ve been seeing some fantastic results with your hydrolyzed collagen in conditions that have been refractory to traditional intervention (manipulation, exercise, physical therapy, glucosamine, chondroitin, omega 3s, and NSAIDS).

  • Medial meniscus tear in an active ♂ 49 yoa: Patient wished to avoid surgical repair, however the condition remained symptomatic despite five months of traditional intervention. A full symptom resolution was obtained following the addition of your hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Severe L hip, Bil. knee and shoulder DJD in an active ♂ 77 yoa: A candidate for hip and knee arthroplasty had been experiencing moderate to severe ongoing pain over approx. 2 years despite the above mentioned interventions, plus intermittent self-medication with COX 2 inhibitors. In addition, this patient was attempting to maintain an exercise regimen (treadmill, bike and an exercise/stretching class) five days/wk. After approx. one month of hydrolyzed collagen, the patient reported a significant reduction in pain (consistently 2/10 or less).
  • Severe, bilateral knee DJD (s/p knee surgeries 10 yrs ago for luxated patellas) in 12 yoa dog: My dog had a constant limp that had been ongoing and daily for over one year, despite the above mentioned interventions. After approx. one month of collagen intake, the limping has resolved.

Thanks for making your low molecular weight collagen available, it has certainly made a notable difference!

Clif Rompf, DC
El Cerrito, CA

I wanted to thank you Dr. Friedlander for the collagen. For years I had been looking for a protein supplement that works. I had tried many synthetic protein powders, but all of them gave me an upset stomach and excess body fat. I am sure the toxicity on the body wasn't very good either. About three years ago I tried your collagen. It was a huge difference. For years I have been doing competitive waterskiing and I also work out hard in the gym. My performance skiing as well as in the gym increased right away. The aches and pains that I had started to go away and now are gone. When I do get an injury now, I increase my collagen intake and the recovery rate is unbelievable. In fact two years ago I had a severe arm injury that would not be the same today if I didn't have collagen during the rehab.

Collagen has been a superior product for me in performance, muscle tone and body fat, and for recovery of injuries over the years. It is also very easy on your system, unlike all other supplements I have tried. I am a collagen user for life. Thanks again for such a great product.

Jeff Thielmann

In have been a registered nurse for 38 years. I have spent the last twelve years, studying gut issues, the immune system, and probiotics.

My first introduction to probiotics was while I was working with Dr. Allan Lieberman at the Center for Occupation and Environmental Medicine in North Charleston, South Carolina. During the three years I worked with Dr. Lieberman, I witnessed the benefits of using probiotis to help aliviate heavy metals, microbes and toxins as related to the Autism Spectrum. In 2005, I visited Quito, Equador, to assist in research on behalf of Dr. John McMichael, CEO of Beech Tree Labs. He said he was using Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s probiotic with great success with his patients. Dr. McMichael has a PhD is Microbiology and Immunology and stated that Dr. Friedlander’s probiotic is the best probiotic he has found. I have to agree.

I have found this product to be so safe and effective that I give it to family members and have even given it to my pets. It also has a very pleasant lemon taste.

Learning about the relationship between the gut and the health of our body and our immune system has given me new insight into the importance of maintaining the proper balance of good/bad bacteria in the gut. I highly recommend Dr. Friedlander’s Ultra Blend.


Christine Lyszczasz, RN

As a longtime natural products expert and consultant, as well as founder of Zebra Organics I have experienced a number of products over the years but few standouts like Dr. Friedlander's Ultra Blend probiotic powder. As one of our more popular products at Zebra Organics it sells with consistent satisfaction and enthusiasm from our customers.

It was my client Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D. from whom I first learned of Ultra Blend and I have been using it every since.

Randy Olsen
Natural products expert and consultant, founder of Zebra Organics

I wanted to share my feedback with you regarding my consistent use of your products. I started using your products the very day I met you after having the chance to listen to you share your expertise about diet and nutrition. I've been living a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and serious workout/training for as long as I can remember. Being an athlete and a single mom of two daughters, plus a full time Speech Pathologist demands that I stay on top of my game at all times. After speaking with you, I immediately began using your High Performance Coconut Collagen Protein Powder with Colostrum and your Collagen Peptide Amino Acids. After consistent use, I began seeing and feeling notable changes for the better in my body. My training felt different, my stamina was improved and my recovery time felt more efficient helping me to reap the full benefits from my workouts.

Shauna Lee Brennan
First place LA Grand Prix Physique competition April 23, 2013

Now, as a figure competitor, I have to step up my program even more so. My diet, nutrition and training must incorporate nothing but the best in order for me to take myself to the next level. I just finished my first competition two weeks ago and took first place for my masters figure class and second place overall. Now I'm training for Nationals in July. I have just begun using your MCT Oil as a another added supplement to my diet. I am more than pleased with the high quality and beneficial results that your products provide. I plan to continue my consistent use of your products as I train and compete, both competitively and FOR LIFE! Your products are designed to benefit the athlete, as well as the health conscious individual who cares about only using the most effective products for themselves. I look forward to continuing to reach new levels and achieve all of my goals with success! Thank you Dr.Friedlander.

Shauna Lee Brennan

In 1992, I noticed some tightness and a lessening of mobility in my right hip. Two years of both standard and somewhat esoteric chiropractic treatments failed to improve the range of motion. I then obtained a medical X-ray which resulted in a diagnosis of “acute, chronic arthritis, right hip”. With this sobering news, I began a desperate search for a healing program which would, at a minimum, enable me to avoid a hip replacement, and as a maximum, preserve my active lifestyle of hands-on builder, backpacker, surfer, and sports player.

After moving through nearly ten practitioners over the next couple years, with no improvement–or worsening-–I wanted a second medical opinion. This was realized at the SOAR Clinic, a reputable group of physiatrist-MD’s who specialize in non-surgical solutions. After a thorough examination and X-rays, their stated conclusion was: “Mr. Sun, you’re an unlucky man. At age 49, this should not have happened. There’s really nothing to be done. These kinds of cases never go into remission. If you don’t have the hip replaced within three years, you will no longer be walking. You will be crawling in here for a referral. Save your self some trouble and a lot of pain. Have it done now. Here’s my colleague’s card..”

More than panicked at the thought of essentially letting the top of my right leg be sawed off, trusting the remaining part would be properly drilled out, then subjected to a metal ball on a shaft glued into the bone–not to mention having the socket replaced, I re-invaded the alternative healing community with a vengeance. It was and is my belief that the body is a miraculous instrument, fully capable of correcting itself given the proper substances and stimuli. I had no idea the degree to which this great-sounding axiom would be tested in me over the next many years. I stumbled on to a newly-arrived chiropractor to Santa Cruz who employed up to fifteen different modalities in his very short-duration treatments. He did two things for me. One, he helped verify that my condition stemmed from a flag football injury sustained in college, and two, he stabilized—even temporarily improved—my level of pain, range of motion, and overall strength in the hip region.

I began tracking my progress with chiropractic X-rays during this time (circa 1997-2000). I shifted my career path from hands-on to purely supervisory and design capacities. The X-rays indicated a barely perceptible re-ordering of the chaos in the joint. During these treatments, an ongoing (sometimes sharp) pain developed in my right knee, which was manageable, though annoying.

By the time I made the fortuitous acquaintance of Dr. Bernd Friedlander in the fist trimester of 2000, my hip had taken a major turn for the worse. There were days when I had to plan walking from the bed to the door, the door to the stairway railing, the railing to the couch. The limp I had acquired was extremely pronounced. Exiting my truck became a major ordeal. I often had to stand next to it for one to three minutes before being able to take a step. My wife had had it with watching me unsuccessfully manage the considerable and constant pain. At her urging, I was interviewing hip replacement specialists as well as patients who had gone through the process. There were both heartening success stories and a few too many disasters. I knew this was an absolutely irreversible step, and I resisted it with every fiber of my being.

So on my 25th or so tryout of a practitioner, much to my wife’s dismay, I went to see Dr. Friedlander. After a comprehensive examination/evaluation, he reported that I was basically doing all the right things. However, most of the energy from the stretching, the supplements, the body work, et cetera, was being directed to fighting a blood parasite which was taxing my immune system. He treated me with various modalities as well as recommended eliminating certain of my supplements while adding a few others, a process which continues to this day. The treatments also included a 20-minute body work session specifically targeted to my problem area. The sessions typically ended with a personal set of adjustments by Dr. Friedlander. His treatments covered all bases, often exceeding two hours. Whenever I walked out of his office, I felt a sense of complete well being.

In September of 2000, my wife and I went on a five-week trip to Italy. She’d been dreading the trip, thinking she’d have to tow me around the country on a roller skate.

When my treatments with Dr. Friedlander first started, I would often have three or four hours of no pain. Then as my treatments progressed, there would be a whole day, sometimes two when I was free of pain. At about five months in, just before leaving for Italy, on average, I was pain free at least 50% of the time. As we moved through the country, my condition improved dramatically. By the beginning of the second week, I was averaging walks of 4 miles per day. These were often over rugged terrain on the west coast, though I found spending hours pacing around museums to be the most stressful activity. By the third week, we were walking six miles per day sometimes eight. The more I walked, the more the pain subsided. By the time we hit New York, I was literally skipping down the sidewalks, to the wonderment and outright shock of my wife and mother-in-law.

Near the end of my first year of treatment, I vacationed at a beach resort in the tropics. After my first swim, I emerged from the waves and without thinking, broke into a run along the beach for a quarter mile or so. This has repeated itself many times over in the ensuing years, including this morning of December 29, 2006. Dr. Friedlander does not condone running for someone with my hip history, but there’s something spiritually freeing in an occasional run—especially when one has faced a time when continuing to walk was seriously in question.

Since those more somber and pain-laden days, I’ve done—and continue to do—a number of activities I thought I’d never do again. These include wilderness backpacking, stone masonry (a hobby), up to 8-mile day hikes, installing several foundations for large homes (a twisted hobby—not recommended), and pursuing my great and enduring loves, surfing and big-wave body surfing. I’m writing this from Hawaii where I went board surfing five days ago and have body surfed every day for two weeks, often in dangerous conditions where it was essential to have total use of all limbs. Last week, I also partook in a couple of one-hour basketball shoot-arounds, besting whippersnappers less than half my age. In 2010, I went on a private rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Every day of this trip was a workout. Every day we hiked. One hike was 11 miles up a canyon, then a steep climb up almost a sheer cliff and on to rendezvous with our rafts downstream.

A word about my current supplements is in order. Concerning my ongoing hip improvement, I religiously adhere to the nutritional supplementation suggested by Dr. Friedlander, but most importantly, the Hydrolyzed Collagen. All of these have been tested for my specific condition by Dr Friedlander. In fact, he is the formulator and supplier of the collagen. My supplement of choice until about a year ago was a glucosamine sulfate & condroiten sulfate combination. I took this in fairly high dosages every day for about eleven years.

When Dr. Friedlander told me the collagen he had just formulated would yield much better results with positive side effects, I have to admit I was a little fearful to give up the sulfates. Not only do I never think about my hip anymore as I go through my days, my stamina and general energy level are essentially no different from when I was in my forties (pre hip problem). (I’m sixty-one as of this writing—now sixty-six.)

Yesterday (January 4th, 2007) I went body-surfing (about an hour of continuous exertion), followed that with a two-mile brisk walk, then rented a surfboard and did that for almost two hours (of continuous paddling), came back to the condo and worked on a book for a couple hours, then drove out to another beach where I walked a half mile over deep sand and lava rocks to a big-wave bodysurfing beach and did that for forty-five minutes until sunset. Then I stayed up until well after midnight working some more on my novel. Today I repeated the process, substituting more writing for the board surfing. Even two years ago—pre-collagen—this level of output would have been unachievable. Pre-collagen, I was taking naps—or wanted to take naps—every afternoon. Now, perhaps I take a nap once or twice a month, and those only because I’ve stayed up past 1AM on some work-related deadline. To top it all off, I even look younger.

Three years into Dr Friedlander’s care--I had another X-ray. When compared with earlier ones, the joint is dramatically more organized, there is more space between the ball and socket, and a very thin line of new cartilage is evident on the femur. The earlier X-rays show a bone-on-bone condition with no space between them. I look forward to another one soon—especially in light of the rebuilding that has obviously occurred with the addition of the collagen.

To say I owe my life to Dr. Friedlander’s genius, intuitiveness, and positive attitude would not be an overstatement. That being said, everyone’s healing is ultimately up to them. In that spirit, I strongly recommend against labeling one’s condition. In my case, when asked, I never said, “I have arthritis. Rather, I’d reply, “I have a cartilage loss on the top of my femur. I’m working on reversing that.” Along with Dr. Friedlander’s treatments, I designed and adhered to a regimen which includes—in varying degrees at various times—yoga, stretching, targeted gym exercise, swimming, walking, and, of ultimate importance, living in the present moment as much and as consciously as possible. And I can say with certainty, it has worked for me, and continues to do so.

Climbing Sun
Santa Cruz & Aptos, California

Shauna Lee Brennan
First place LA Grand Prix Physique competition April 23, 2013

I’ve been using Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s High-Performance Coconut Protein Formula with Colostrum for the past year, and of all the supplements I have used in my professional fighting career, this is the best. The collagen provides lean muscle mass, higher performance without excess water weight, as well as tastes GREAT and adds easily to water and juice. Most protein powders will leave me with a bloated feeling afterwards but this does not, and collagen really makes a difference in my flexibility and keeping my joints supple. I highly recommend this product for athletes and anyone wanting to cut body fat but retain lean muscle mass.

Cris “Cyborg” Santos
Strikeforce Women’s 145lbs World Champion Best “Pound for Pound” Women’s MMA Fighter in the World