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C8 MCT Oil Keto Friendly (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

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High grade pure C8 is an energy booster from 100% coconut oil. Because it converts to ketones rapidly which can be used immediately for energy, and burns fat into energy much quicker, which contributes to more efficient exercise. The results also include increased cognitive function, improved brain function, depresses hunger, and supports rapid weight loss. C8 MCT Oil is extracted from 100% coconut oil. The beauty of MCT Oil is that very little gets converted into body fat because MCT’s are rapidly burned for energy.

It is anti bacterial and contributes to the reduction of gut inflammation.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s C8 MCT Oil is pharmaceutical/food grade. It is a low density oil that has excellent absorption properties and is easily utilized by the body. MCT Oil supports mitochondrial energy as it converts to ketones which are immediately used for brain and body energy. MCT Oil improves athletic performance by increasing lean muscle mass. It also supports athletic recovery time.

MCT Oil supports glucose transport and may support insulin resistance.

Please review the work of Mary Newport, M.D. whose extensive research in neurological diseases include the use of MCT Oil.

It is recommended that Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s MCT Oil be used as a supplemental oil, substituting it for some of the oils used as part of a healthy diet. It is not recommended as a replacement for all of the oils in your diet. MCT is useful to help control body weight and is used for utilization of energy.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander’s MCT Oil benefits include:

  • Fast energy - converts to energy faster than regular oils
  • Less fat storage -- little gets stored in fat cell
  • Helps stabilize cognitive function
  • Metabolizes without bile which gives the gall bladder a rest
  • Maintains LDL levels
  • Low caloric content
  • May increase HDL levels
  • Helps improve absorption of Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium

Suggested uses: cooking, salad dressings, mixed with butter for a healthy spread. Recommended use is 1 – 3 tablespoons per day.

Boiling point: 300° C/700° F

1 qt (.95 liter) bottle

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